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Affordable websites for small to medium sized business
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A little bit about ourselves  

Okay, the nose may be a little bit pointy, but we like it!

The Weka, known for being quite cheeky, is an industrious little bird with a creative and adventurous mind. They're perfect attributes we believe both for finding worms and thinking of fresh and creative ideas for website solutions.

Once the Weka gets its beak into an idea, you can be sure that it's going to result in one tasty morsel (why would we waste our time and yours otherwise?). You'll find our Wekas creative, economical and to the point.

Aiming at small and medium-sized businesses, the Weka can resolve all of the website dreaming, development, hosting and on-going maintenance that you would rather not have to deal with (or don't have the experience).

And all at a reasonable and sharp price. Sharp like the beak and our Weka's creativity.

Do you get the point now?

So why not let a Weka work wonders with your wanting website?